Calman Lugo is an exclusive contributor for His stock library has grown to over 1247 images and he has over 50,786 sales/downloads to date.

What is stock photography?
Stock photography is photography that pre-exists on various “stock agencies” websites. It can be purchased, downloaded and used for print and web ads, in books and magazines, on websites, in brochures and product packaging.

Many ad agencies, graphic designers, big and small businesses, magazines, newspapers, and bloggers use stock photography on a regular basis. 



We are always on the lookout for new models and when we say models we don’t mean sexy swimsuit models! We shoot kids, seniors, teens, adults and infants of all sizes colors and shapes. We look at it like casting for a movie about “life on earth”. We shoot mostly “lifestyle” photography so there are so many uses for different types of models.

If your interested in modeling for us or you have been approached by one of our casting scouts please contact with us regarding your interest. If your able to email us a photo as well as a list of any experience (in any) would help us when casting for various shoots.

We also encourage a free casting shoot. If we decide that we could use your look for future shoots we usually like to have you come in for a 1 hour shoot to get a few portrait and full length shots for our model log. This also helps us get to know your personality and your “teach ability” in front of a camera. Minors (under the age of 18) are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

COMPENSATION: Compensation to our models varies. Some of our models are paid from $10 – $20 per hour. Some models work for TFP which means “Trade For Print” – in other words we give them copies of the photos and they allow you to use their image. A lot of models just getting started need the experience and the photos for their portfolio. Each situation is negotiated to work for both parties.

MODEL RELEASES: Model releases are required for any recognizable and uniquely identifiable people in photos that we are selling for commercial use (Stock Photography).  A separate release is required per photo shoot. All models will be required to sign a standard model release. Models under 18 years of age will need a parent or legal guardian to sign. You can download PDF copy of our model release HERE.

Remember our main objective on EVERY stock photo shoot is to HAVE FUN!!
Please contact us with any question you may have!!